Extra space can help a home add value, earn income and help solve any number of family needs. It doesn't have to be in the form of an extension or loft conversion; sometimes an extra property within the garden or grounds is the answer and a lodge is an excellent solution. But why would you buy one off-the-peg, if you could buy bespoke? You wouldn't if you were buying a pair of shoes or a suit so why settle for less when making a major purchase like this. Each family's reasons for buying are unique and the finished lodge should reflect that; this is the philosophy which has built the reputation of TFM Luxury Lodges for more that 10 years and seen the Gargrave, Yorkshire based company gain an impressive customer base by word of mouth and finished product. One thing that comes as standard throughout is the quality of materials, workmanship and service; the rest is your vision, as interpreted by the TFM team for you. The family firm's credentials include BS3632..2015 compliance and membership of the NCC, the industry's trade body. Outside is cedar cladding, galvanised steel guttering and the option of decking with wood imported from Louisiana. Inside is state-of-the-art insulation and fittings from industry leaders like Magnet and Howdens